Do I Really Need An Editor?

In a word: YES!

Every author – from total beginners through to experienced scribes with multiple published works to their credit – can benefit from the ‘fresh eyes’ an editor provides. Working with an editor is an essential step towards ensuring your manuscript is in the best possible shape to submit to publishers.

An eagle-eyed editor will not only spot spelling errors, typos and grammar gremlins, they can also guide you in strengthening your story’s weak spots, creating a strong structural framework, improving pace and character development, and generally polishing your manuscript so it can shine like the diamond it is.

As a published author myself, I know how easy it is to get totally wrapped up in a story; to convince myself that every word I’ve written is pure gold; and to miss pesky plot holes and weird ‘why on earth would that character say/do such a thing?’ moments. An editor doesn’t miss those things – they spot them, and they suggest practical steps to remedy any issues.

Still not convinced you can benefit from my services as an editor? Don’t just take my word for it – let’s hear it from some of the authors whose work I’ve edited…

“Laura Greaves is a joy to work with. She’s thorough, precise and has a wonderfully gentle way of letting you know what is and isn’t working in your work.”

Georgina Penney, author of Irrepressible You, Fly In Fly Out and, most recently, Summer Harvest. 

“I was fortunate enough to have Laura Greaves edit my story in the Summer Daze chick lit short story collection. Not only was she a dream to work with, but she caught all typos and grammatical errors. More importantly, she identified the tiny details I’d missed. As a result my story was richer and fuller, characterisation stronger and storyline smoother, and something I am truly proud of.  Thank you so much, Laura. You are a gem of an editor.” 

Sarah Belle, author of Hindsight and Miss Spelled.

“There were clunky bits in my Summer Daze short story, which niggled me, but I’d given up trying to fix them. Laura nimbly ironed them out. Elsewhere, there were sections where I thought I’d properly articulated what was in my head onto the page, but hadn’t. Laura pointed out what needed further teasing out. She also got the edits back to me in super-prompt time, and I felt like I was in trusted hands throughout – like I had a safety net. I would definitely work with Laura again.”

Carla Caruso, author of more than 10 novels and novellas, including the Astonvale romantic suspense series (HarperCollins).

“I’m an experienced writer who tutors in the TAFE Professional Writing Program, so I didn’t expect Laura would find anything in my story that needed ‘improving’ – but she did. And I’m glad she did, because it’s finding and fixing those tiny details that can make a good story great. Having experienced her keen editing eye, I’ll definitely call on her services again and confidently recommend Laura to anyone in need of an awesome story editor.”

Samantha Bond, co-author of the Autumn Leaves and Summer Daze chick lit anthologies.